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Admissions to European schools

Admissions procedures to European IB schools are determined by each school. However, the admissions criteria are generally a bit more flexible for continental European IB schools than for UK IB schools.

Up to the age of 15, parents are normally expected to fill in an application online and to send 2 years previous school reports before being invited to meet the School Principal for an interview. The school will then request references from the previous school and then hopefully make an offer of a place to the parents.

If it transpires the pupil’s English level is weak, they may be required to undertake intensive English Language tuition before resubmitting themselves for admission.

A slightly more robust process may apply at age 16, because most schools will want to be sure the pupil is ready to commence the IBDP studies. So if previous school reports show any weakness in the chosen IB subjects, particularly those being taken at Higher Level, the pupil may be required to pass tests in selected subjects.

Because IB schools operate a uniform curriculum and are used to families being relocated , it is fairly common for admissions to take place at any time of the school year.

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