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Student views of the IB at King Edward’s School

King Edward’s Witley, one of Surrey’s leading independent boarding and day schools for boys and girls aged 11-18, provides the ideal environment for pupils to excel at the IB diploma.

This year the School is celebrating ten years of the IB and an outstanding 100% pass rate. An above average points score has kept King Edward’s consistently in the top ten UK rankings.

IB results for the School, announced in July 2014, showed an impressive 75 % of grades in the exam were at the equivalent to A-level A*-B grades. The average score was 33.4 points, well above the national average.

In support of the ten year anniversary, King Edward’s has sought out the opinions of past pupils on how studying for the IB has influenced their lives since leaving the School. Here are just a few comments, which demonstrate the tremendous value students have placed on the IB:

“Throughout your IB studies you work closely in a number of different small groups and this is similar to an employment setting   where you might interact with various team members who all have different ways of working, so you learn to appreciate a range of techniques / methodologies”

 “For me having the IB showed my employer that I had already studied and lived abroad and benefited from the associated inter-cultural experience”

“I think the most important benefits were the international environment, diversity of people at school and the high standard of education. The exciting and valuable experiences influenced my personality to a great extent and established a solid foundation of my career”

“Employers are always very impressed by the IB qualification, it is seen as more prestigious, even superior to A-levels and it also provides an excellent grounding for success in the work place as it teaches you the importance of discipline and commitment”

“Potential employers seem curious about the IB, and are always impressed by the large variety of subjects studied. The IB is definitely evidence of a well-rounded person, with an excellent work ethic!”

“The International Baccalaureate taught me discipline, ambition and analytical capabilities in a competitive and challenging environment. The IB programme as an institution helped me to qualify for higher education and ultimately lead to the job I wanted. On a more personal level, I have made some extremely good friends who I still have regular contact. All in all, my decision to complete the IB diploma at King Edward’s School was one of the best decisions I made”

Entry for IB is based upon academic ability, interview and examination.

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