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Top IB Schools in China 2023

This league table lists the Best IB Schools in China (excluding Hong Kong) based on their academic success in terms of average points in the IB Diploma Programme for 2023.

We try to obtain most of the IBDP results of the larger international schools with IBDP cohorts of 20 or more. Some of the smaller or lower ranked schools decline to publish their results.

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# Avg. Points Name Location Day/Board Boy/Girl Cohort Size
1 38.0 Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong Shanghai Day Co-ed
2 37.7 Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi Shanghai Day Co-ed
3 37.5 Dulwich College Suzhou Suzho Day Co-ed (14 to 19)
4 37.4 Keystone Academy Beijing Both Co-ed 108
5 37.1 Dulwich College Beijing Beijing Day Co-ed 80
6 36.7 Wellington College International Shanghai Shanghai Day Co-ed
7 36.0 International School of Tianjin Tianjin Day Co-ed 25
8 35.0 Shanghai Singapore International School Shanghai Day Co-ed
= 35.0 Nanjing International School Nanjing Day Co-ed 50
10 34.5 British School of Beijing Beijing Day Co-ed
11 34.0 Beijing City International School Beijing Day Co-ed 35
= 34.0 Western Academy of Beijing Beijing Day Co-ed 74
= 34.0 American International School of Guangzhou Guanzhou Day Co-ed 35