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IB Career Related Programme

The IBCP is somewhat similar to the concept of BTECs/CTECs in the UK, in that it is a less rigorous academic IB course combined with approved career-related study for students aged 16 to 19. It includes at least two Diploma Programme courses coupled with a vocational subject developed by the school. Additionally. the student does the three additional IB core modules of Theory of Knowledge, Extended Essay and CAS.

Some schools develop their own vocational programme whereas others specifically do BTEC or CTEC courses.

At present only a few (6) UK private IB schools have launched IBCPs, but it has been more popular with UK state schools. The vocational element includes Business, Sports, Engineering and Art & Design. In European IB Schools new courses include Business and Travel & Tourism.

These IBCP programmes are recognised for applications to many UK Universities, not least because the IBDP and BTEC Level 3 courses are accredited for university admission already.

In the EU/EEA there are also a few IB schools trialling the IBCP mainly with Business or Art & Design. However the most interesting is perhaps Haut Lac International School in Switzerland which has set up three university collaborations with SUMAS for Sustainability Management, Savannah College for Art & Design and Federation Uniports for Sports Management.

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