League Table of Best Private International Baccalaureate Schools in Japan for 2022

We show here the top private IB schools in Japan with the highest average IBDP points scores in 2022.

We congratulate KIST of Tokyo with a superb result at no 1, which also puts them in the top 5 of our Global IB league tables. They are followed by St Maur. There are a considerable number of IB schools in Japan, but many choose not to publish their results presumably because they cannot compete with these levels.

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# Avg. Points Name Location Day/Board
1 42.1 K. International School Tokyo Tokyo Day
2 38.5 Saint Maur International School Yokohama
3 37.1 Doshisa International School Kyoto
4 36.0 Seisen International School Setagaya-k Day
5 35.0 AOBA -Japan International School Tokyo
= 35.0 Hiroshima International Hiroshima Day