United Arab Emirates League Tables

This table lists the Best IB Schools in the UAE based on their academic success in terms of average points for the IB Diploma Programme. We try to obtain most of the IBDP results of the larger international schools with IBDP cohorts of 20 or more. Some of the smaller or lower ranked schools have declined to publish results. This is partly to do with the rapid development of education in the UAE with numerous schools having been formed in the last 5 years. Nevertheless we believe that any school omissions have not impacted the top schools in this table. We congratulate North London Collegiate Dubai becoming No 1 IB school in the UAE.

# Avg. Points Name Location Day/Board Boy/Girl Cohort Size
1 40.0 North London Collegiate School Dubai Dubai Both Co-ed 24
2 39.4 Nord Anglia International School Dubai Dubai Day Co-ed 56
3 39.0 JESS Dubai Arabian Ranches Dubai Day Co-ed 92
4 38.0 GEMS World Academy Dubai Day Co-ed 92
= 38.0 Deira International School Dubai Day Co-ed 60
6 37.7 GEMS Wellington International School Dubai Day Co-ed 100
7 37.6 British International School Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi Day Co-ed 40
8 37.2 Dar Al Marefa School Dubai Day Co-ed 26
9 36.9 GEMS Modern Academy Dubai Day Co-ed 75
10 35.6 Uptown International School Dubai Day Co-ed 56
11 35.5 Repton Dubai School Dubai Both Co-ed 50
12 35.0 Raffles World Academy Dubai Day Co-ed 55
= 35.0 Al Bateen Academy Abu Dhabi
14 34.8 Jumeira Baccalaureate School Dubai Day Co-ed
15 34.4 Greenfield International School Dubai Day Co-ed 49
16 34.2 GEMS Dubai American Academy Dubai Day Co-ed 173
17 34.0 Universal American School Dubai Day Co-ed 41
18 33.8 GEMS Wellington Academy Dubai Day Co-ed 88