League Table of Best Private International Baccalaureate Schools in Malaysia for 2020

This table is compiled by Education Advisers Ltd for its website www.IB-Schools.com

It is based on the ranking order of the IB Diploma Programmes average points for all pupils taking the IBDP in 2020

Position                    School Name                             Location                               Average Points

1                              Fairview International            Kuala Lumpur                              37.3


2                              Sri KDU International              Daera Petaling                             37.0


3=                            Marlborough College              Johor                                           36.0


3=                            St Joseph’s Institution            Petaling Jaya                              36.0


5                               Nexus International                Putrajaya                                     35.9


6=                             IGB International                   Kuala Lumpur                               35.0


6=                             Intl School of Kuala Lumpur                                                       35.0


8                               Mont Kiara                              Kuala Lumpur                              33.0


9                               Intl School of Penang               Penang                                      32.5



We can only include results for schools prepared to publish their own. UCSI , Excelsior and Cempaka declined to publish results which forces us to presume they would not fare highly in this table.

Exam results are not the only criteria by which to judge a school’s suitability for your child but they are a very useful starting point and we congratulate Fairview International for their number one position with excellent results across their whole student cohort.

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