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Bonn International School

Martin Luther King Strasse 14, Bonn, 53175, Germany

What is Bonn International School's overall aim?

The mission of Bonn International School is to empower and inspire its students to achieve their full individual potential and become responsible global citizens. The school provides an innovative, internationally-recognised education within a compassionate multicultural community.

How does Bonn International School prepare its pupils for the future?

Believing that education extends beyond a mere acquisition of information tailored to specific age groups, the school ensures that its students learn how to learn. In addition to a core curriculum, the institution cultivates skills and attitudes in its students, enabling them to confidently envision their futures, be equipped for success and be adaptable to change. Future-ready academics entail the teaching of research, communication, self-management, social, and executive skills as integral parts of the curriculum.

Students at Bonn International School develop analytical skills and the capacity to solve complex problems. They learn independently, acquire decision-making abilities, and can apply their knowledge and skills across various subjects and challenges.

Accredited as an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School in all grade levels, Bonn International School takes pride in being one of Germany's pioneering schools to receive this distinction. By implementing IB programmes, the school benefits from ongoing educational best practices observed in over 5000 schools worldwide.

What does Bonn International School do for well-being and the community?

The institution emphasises the importance of student well-being, recognising that academic and personal growth flourish in an environment where students feel safe, supported, and included. Significant resources are dedicated to nurturing a culture of well-being, inclusion, and resilience. Counsellors and teachers collaborate with students across all grade levels to enhance overall well-being and academic preparedness. Embracing diversity, the school works with students to help them find their place and realise their unique potential.

The community lies at the heart of the school's identity. Whether students, parents, or staff, everyone is united in supporting each other to achieve personal bests and, in the process, fostering a sense of enjoyment and camaraderie.

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