Spain League Tables

This country league table lists the Best IB Schools in Spain based on their academic success measured by their average IB Diploma Programme points.We try to obtain most of the IB results of the larger international schools with IBDP cohorts of 20 or more. For 2021 we congratulate Agora Lledo for coming top in large cohort results. This table lists international schools located in Madrid, Barcelona. Bilbao, Cadiz and Valencia.

# Avg. Points Name Location Day/Board Boy/Girl Cohort Size
1 38.6 Agora Lledo International School Valencia Day Co-ed
2 37.2 SEK International School Atlantico Galicia Day Co-ed
3 37.0 Brains International School Madrid Day Co-ed (1 to 18) 37
= 37.0 International College of Spain Madrid Day Co-ed 83
5 36.5 American School of Barcelona Barcelona Day Co-ed 82
6 36.3 American School of Madrid Madrid
7 36.1 Colegio San Patricio El Soto Madrid Day Co-ed
8 36.0 Benjamin Franklin International School Barcelona Day Co-ed 53
9 35.7 SEK International School Catalunya Barcelona Both Co-ed
10 35.0 Sotogrande International School Cadiz Both Co-ed 50
11 34.9 Casvi International College Madrid Day Co-ed (3 to 18) 38
= 34.9 Swans International School Marbella Day Co-ed 39
13 34.8 SEK International School Ciudalcampo Madrid Day Co-ed
14 34.3 SEK International School El Castillo Madrid Day Co-ed
15 33.0 American School of Bilbao Day Co-ed