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Ágora Lledo’s challenges to continue being the best IB school in Spain


In 2018 The Ágora Lledó International School achieved a place as one of the best ranked schools in Europe with 38 points and thanks to its excellent academic results in 2019, with an average of more than 34 points, it has become the best IB school in Spain for the past two academic years.

With these perspectives and with a group of promising students who finish their studies with even better results the school has come across with the COVID-19.

Although many doubts arose at first, an ambitious remote learning educational plan was soon implemented to continue ensuring the school’s position in the ranking of best schools in Europe and Spain, thanks to an excellent promotion of students and teachers.

Migrating digital natives to home-learning in the wake of school closures.

Having anticipated possible school closures early in the New Year, our leadership team began planning a global strategy for online learning from the beginning of February. When the news of school closures came out, we were ready to launch our virtual learning programmes for students aged 3 to 18, and specially for IB students.

What has been asked of students and teachers all over the world has been immense. Students have had to adapt to learning at home, away from their daily routines at school and the familiarity of their friends and teachers. The teachers have been engaging students in an entirely new learning environment. 

Ágora Lledó International School, as part of The Globeducate Group, has the advantage of already having a well-established culture of online education – through online professional learning communities and through online schooling in Canada and France. Our in-house experts shared their best practices early in this emerging crisis, using tried and tested home-schooling methods.

Our remote learning strategy  has been implemented and the teachers are available every day from 9am to 5pm, using a range of strategies including live interactive sessions, individual interviews with students, offline activities such as videos, projects, special challenges, exercises and special tutorials and individual connections with each student. 

Using different platforms such as Managebac, Inthinking, Kognity and Microsoft Teams, the students are able to be interconnected and participate in all their classes as well as do and hand in all their assignments for evaluating. Interactive learning has been the best route for teacher-to-student online learning as students who are isolated can join their classmates and teachers through a desktop computer, laptop, tablet and webcam.

The human interaction aspect of e-learning is crucial for student success and well-being. This is important for teachers too, who tell us that they miss seeing their students in their classes. 
Part of this success, I am certain, has been through enhancing our established online professional learning communities. We believe in creating opportunities for professional dialogue and our online communities have been pivotal for creating a culture of collaboration.

Teachers are familiar with questioning, exploring and learning together in distance education in order to expand and challenge their students’ thinking and to share good practice. 
Undoubtably, the future success of our students in the next evaluation for their Diploma examinations has been by anticipating the problem of schools being closed. This together with having a strong online culture, having implemented various academic learning and communication platforms (Managebac, Microsoft Teams and Kognit, Inthinking ) and being able to count on the collaboration of other experts from The Globeducate Group, who have shared their best advice. Above all, having an excellent team of teachers who have worked day to day, hour to hour, class to class to give our students a guaranteed effective, honest and responsible learning.

Agora Lledo expects to reopen its school this September and welcomes applications for students looking to achieve top scores in the IB DP in Spain and in Europe.

Please contact us at https://www.colegioagoralledo.es/admisiones/ to discus how we can help your child meet their aspirations.

Luis Madrid Giménez
Ágora Lledó International School

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