League Tables

Education Advisers is renowned for publishing league tables of private schools by ranking them by their up to date exam grades. You should not choose a school purely on their academic record, because there are many other factors and you should bear in mind that not every child is suited to studying in a high pressure environment. However, many of our client parents are seeking schools which give their children the best chance of progressing to an elite university. Thus, they do want to know which schools achieve the best grades as part of their selection process.

We rank IB schools by the average number of IB Diploma Programme points achieved out of a maximum of 45 points. We subdivide these tables into UK, EU and Global private IB schools. It is not possible to rank by the MYP or IBCP courses because schools rarely publish those results.

Please be aware that many IB schools do not make their IBDP results public and even seem to be discouraged by the IBO from doing so for fear of making one IB school have a better academic score than another. You will often see a press release stating something like our students exceeded the world wide IB DP average of 30 points. However, such proclamations are meaningless and are usually a way of hiding their poor performance. The “bottom” of our league tables tends to be around 36 points and we rarely place a student into a school achieving less than 33 points.

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