Headington School - Oxford

Oxford, Oxfordshire, OX3 7TD, United Kingdom

What is Headington School like?

Headington School occupies a large and incredibly well-equipped campus on the outskirts of Oxford, a city that offers a huge range of cultural and intellectual opportunities.  This is an all-girls day and boarding school, held in very high regard both domestically and internationally. Boarding starts at age 9 onwards, and days girls can complete their entire school like here from age 3 to 18. Most full boarders are international students and girls from Oxford and the surrounding area can choose to be full, weekly or flexi boarders. 

Headington is a one of a number of academically selective and high achieving girls’ schools whose results put it consistently near the top of the leagues tables. Facilities for sport, music and drama are excellent and students praise the teaching and pastoral care.

Would Headington School be a good fit for my daughter?

Headington offers an excellent education in a girls' school with great facilities. Girls can pursue their academic and extra-curricular interests in a stimulating and supportive atmosphere.

The school becomes more competitive to get into as you move up through the year groups and into senior school, but great consideration is also given to what a girl will bring to the Headington community.

Headington is a world-renowned girls' school with a strong academic track record, inclusive atmosphere and plenty of opportunities for girls to discover their talents and passions. Parents looking for single-sex education for their daughters should therefore give Headington serious consideration. 

How can I apply to Headington School?

The main entry points to Headington School are at 11+ and 13+ with a number of places available for 6th form entry at 16+. Entrance is by competitive examination. Contact us for advice on applying to this and other academically selective schools to make sure your daughter's profile is as strong as possible before you make an initial approach. 


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