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Global Top 50 IB Schools 2019

If you are seeking to find out the top schools in the World, you must first decide how to measure the results of one curriculum against others and this inevitably causes disagreements over the conversion factors being used. At least, in the case of the International Baccalaureate, one has 5139 + international schools in 156+ countries all studying the one curriculum – the International Baccalaureate - with the Diploma Programme for 16 to 19 year old students. It is possible to measure one school against another by its average IBDP points scored by its entire cohort. The maximum score is 45 points and indeed every year an increasing number of students achieve the maximum score of 45 points.

Name Country Avg Score Year Cohort
Anglo Chinese Sing 41.5 2018/9 444
Godolphin & Latymer UK 41.3 2019 20
St Josephs Institution Sing 41 2019 269
German Swiss Intl HK 41 2019 65
St Paul's Coed HK 40.9 2019 53
King's Wimbledon UK 40.7 2019 75
Cheltenham Ladies' College UK 40.4 2019 25
Diocesan Boys HK 40.3 2019 56
Wellington College UK 40.2 2019 78
Dhirubhai Ambani Intl (DAIS) India 39.5 2019 104
Sevenoaks UK 39.4 2019 224
K. International School Toky0 Japan 39.2 2019 35
School of the Arts Sing 39 2018/9 160
Novy Porg of Prague Cz 39 2019 33
Whitgift UK 38.6 2019 40
French Intl of Hong Kong HK 38.3 2019  
Victoria Shanghai HK 38.2 2019  
Tanglin Trust Sing 38.1 2019  
Ardingly College UK 38 2019 45
Hong Kong Chinese Christian Churches HK 38 2019  
Newington College Aus 38 2018/9 39
King Edward's Birmingham UK 37.9 2019 103
JESS Arabian Ranches UAE 37.8 2019 88
NPS Intl Sing 37.6 2019  
Bromsgrove UK 37.5 2019 45
Headington UK 37.4 2019 36
Sha Tin College HK 37.4 2019  
MLC Sydney Aus 37.3 2018/9 42
Fettes College UK 37 2019 40
GIIS Smart Sing 37 2019  
Hwa Chong Sing 37 2018/9 135
UWCSEA Sing 37 2019  
Marymount Intl UK 36.7 2019 36
St Joseph's International Sing 36.6 2018/9 190
St Clare's Oxford UK 36.5 2019 102
CDNIS HK 36.2 2019 114
Haileybury UK 36.2 2019 50
Southbank Intl UK 36.2 2019 62
Portsmouth Grammar UK 36.1 2019 22
International School of Bangalore India 36 2019 132
Island School HK 36 2019  
West Island  HK 36 2019 133
Chatsworth International Sing 36 2019 35
Singapore Intl of HK HK 35.9 2019 36
South Island HK 35.9 2019  
British Intl Ho Chi Minh City Viet 35.8 2019  
Aiglon Switz 35.7 2019 66
Dwight London UK 35.7 2019 21
Stonyhurst College UK 35.6 2019  
Marlborough College Malaysia MAL 35.5 2019 78

Notes about compilation of this table:

1. IB DP exams can be taken in May or November. In this table we show schools examining in May 2019 as simply “2019” . Those who sat in November 2018 are shown as “2018/2019”
2. We compile this data either directly from schools or their websites or other sources in the public domain.
3. Some schools refuse to publish their results and in our experience it is usually because they are too low to make these tables. You may be surprised by the absence of USA schools, most of which refuse to publish results. We have managed to analyse the scores of some elite USA schools who have released individual results and all of them have failed to make the top 50
4. We want the average points of ALL pupils taking the IB DP exams. Some schools distort their results by only releasing data for those students who passed the minimum threshold of 24 points, but we regard this as outright manipulation boosting average scores by excluding fails.
5. We only accept scores for schools with a cohort of 20+ taking the IB DP exams

So is it right to measure one school against another by its average points? There are many ways of judging a top school apart from its exam success. Some would claim it is not a fair comparison on the grounds that their admissions process is non selective, but it is nigh impossible to categorise schools by their admissions policies. We maintain that exam scores are a valid starting point. In this report we give you our own assessment of the Top 50 Private IB Schools in the World. These positions are compiled from the average points achieved by age 16+ students taking the Diploma Programme of the IB. The International Baccalaureate Organisation refuses to publish individual school results and we have had to collect these statistics by asking each school individually or using information on websites in the public domain.

We cannot call this a definitive league table because of those schools which refuse to disclose their exam results. However, the best schools are usually only too proud to proclaim their successes and therefore we believe that the vast majority of top IB schools are in this table. If you are missing school then please let us know your details.

If you are a top 50 school in our table then please make use of our top school logo which can be obtained from here.

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