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IB Top Average Scores for EU (Excluding UK) for 2019

Unlike in the UK, it is difficult to get sufficiently comprehensive data to compile a league table of average IB scores. Many EU schools claim they are non-selective on admissions and therefore do not want to be measured in a league table against the UK or top IB schools in Asia. The reality is that the lower a school's results, the more likely they are to not publish them and would not figure in the top half of the following table. We show here as many results as we could find for larger IB schools in 2019. This year we have decided to exclude past year’s results (ie 2018 or before) and we show them in a separate cohort at the bottom of the main list.

School Name Country IB Points 2019 Cohort
Novy Porg of Prague CZ 39 33
AIGLON CH 35.7 66
ECOLINT (Intl School of Geneva) CH 35.1 300+
St Louis of Milan IT 35 57
British School of Milan IT 35 N/K
International School of Zug Luzern CH 35 N/K
International Community Zurich CH 35 N/K
British School of Brussels BE 35 N/K
Leipzig International GE 34.8 43
Intl School of Florence IT 34.75 40
American School of Hague NL 34.5 58
Bavaria International GE 34.3 84
International School of Prague CZ 34.23 51
Marymount Rome IT 34.22 56
Sotogrande SP 34.2 N/K
Agora Lledo SP 34 N/K
International school of Paris F 34 N/K
American School in Paris F 34 N/K
International College of Madrid Sp 34 77
International School Rhein-Main GE 34 57
Oslo International NO 34 N/K
Zurich International CH 34 N/K
St Georges British Internl Munich GE 34 N/K
Riyerside International CZ 34 N/K
British International Budapest H 33.4 N/K
International School Brussels BE 33.3 N/K
Haut Lac CH 33.29 N/K
Copenhagen International D 33 65
Metroplitan School Frankfurt GE 33 N/K
British School of Warsaw P 33 N/K
Antwerp International NL 33 N/K
St Gilgen International A 33 N/K
Benjamin Franklin SP 32.3 57
TASIS Switzerland CH 32.2 72
St Johns International BE 32.2 54
Hamburg International G 32.02 59
International School of Turin IT 32 25
Schule Schloss Salem G 32 44
International School of Toulouse F 32 19
International School of Monaco M 32 33
St Dominics Lisbon P 30.2 42


2018 Results for EU schools not yet publishing 2019

School Name Country IB Points 2018 Cohort
Le Rosey CH 36 63
SEK Catalunya SP 35.4 67
St George's Rome IT 35.4 N/K
College du Leman CH 35 N/K
International School of Amsterdam NL 35 N/K
Munich International GE 34.3 94
American School of Barcelona SP 34 N/K
International School Dusseldorf GE 34 N/K
Branden Berg International GE 34 N/K
American School of Milan IT 34 N/K
American School of Madrid SP 33 N/K

“These IB results are obtained from public sources, mainly the schools’ own websites. This represents less than half of the private schools in the EU offering the IB so we welcome any school to supply us with their results or to add or correct errors. We have consciously decided to omit British and Asian schools from this table because most would beat the highest schools in this table because they are highly selective on entry – so a comparison would be unfair. In the UK table averages are calculated including cohort students scores for those who fail to achieve a diploma , whereas most EU schools exclude the fails which inflates the EU scores.”

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